Presentation of fencing and unfolding of a session

Since the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, fencing has returned to grace and classes are increasing everywhere in France.

Why such enthusiasm? Because the art of combat provides well-being for both the body and the mind.

It is also a sport of address because a great attention is given to the gestures, the rhythm and the synchronization.

Fencing is an urban and active lifestyle, and is aimed at all, regardless of physical fitness, age, gender.

What benefits?

Practiced regularly, this sport strengthens cardio-vascular and respiratory endurance, works the speed of reaction, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Its variant right side, left side, combines the work of the legs, glutes, the abdominal belt and the arms.

Thanks to its elegance, fencing represents a “harmonious” sport where body and mind are one.

The fencer will be:

Less strong than a boxer but more flexible, more relaxed and more agile.
Less enduring than a marathoner but more able to chain short and intense efforts.
Less cerebral than a chess player but tactically faster
The spirit “Paname Fencing” is:

Physical and mental activity that brings rapid and measurable progress.
A motivating method, based on an excellent state of mind within the group, or each one helps and cooperates together. Fencing is in a way “the most collective of individual sports”.
Practices each time different avoiding the routine.
Courses for all where each movement is adapted to its own level.
The spirit “Paname Fencing” is not:

A course where only competition counts
An activity that develops only a part of the body
A course where the professor is only interested in the best


What happens during a session ?

The meeting lasts one hour and thirty. It is entirely supervised by the master of arms who collectively leads the group and advises each practitioner individually.

The 4 steps of a session

1 / warm-ups: they allow the body to move progressively, with playful exercises that prepare for assaults and allow you to acquire a general physical condition.

2 / an individual work on line to memorize the gestures and the specific movements of fencing.

3 / Ranges: Repetition with the master of arms of the various technical movements of attack and defense.

4 / The assassinations free or with subjects coached by the master of arms

The equipment of fencing, a comfort not inconsiderable!

Fencing equipment is loaned and remains on site

Separate cloakrooms close to the classroom


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